Cleaning company Pansib Cleaner offers various types of cleaning services for apartments and houses. Our conscientious workers, who reverently treat their work, will come to guard cleanliness and order.
Apartment cleaning

Types of services and approximate cost

We offer different types of cleaning: standard, general, regular, cleaning after repair and cleaning after a holiday. We also provide window cleaning and eco-cleaning of sofas and upholstered furniture.

And, in order to keep your home clean at all times, we offer advantageous packages. You can find out more about them below

Cleaning costs for apartments and houses

Here are some examples of cleaning costs for apartments and houses:

Number of square meters: Type of cleaning: Amount:
50 м2 Standard from 64.00 €
General from 167.40 €
75 м2 Standard from 84.00 €
General from 253.53 €
100 м2 Standard from 98.00 €
General from 263.47 €
125 м2 Standard from 122.50 €
General from 281.25 €

Finished packages:

Number of square meters: Finished packages: Amount:
50 м2 Mini Cleaning from 98€ per month
Base Cleaning from 160€ per month
75 м2 Mini Cleaning from 115€ per month
Base Cleaning from 225€ per month
100 м2 Mini Cleaning from 130€ per month
Base Cleaning from 275€ per month
125 м2 Mini Cleaning from 165 € per month
Base Cleaning from 315 € per month

The minimum cost of departure is 50 €.