Are you too tired or simply have no desire to clean your apartment yourself? Order a cleaning service from our company! Cleaning firm Pansib Cleaner is not only prompt cleaning of the apartment with the help of modern equipment, but also affordable price of the service! You can calculate the cost of apartment cleaning right now on a simple and clear calculator.
House Cleaning

We offer several variants of house cleaning:

  • “Standard apartment cleaning” – aimed at keeping your apartment clean. Thanks to professional chemistry, dust will settle less on the furniture. We keep track of the cleaning schedule and are always happy to come to help again!
  • “General cleaning of apartments” – a more serious event, which should be done several times a year. It takes almost the whole day, but the effect is amazing. We clean all the hard to reach places and scrub away the deepest stains. A pleasant bonus – After general cleaning your house shines clean.
  • “Cleaning of apartments after renovation” – who has ever cleaned himself after renovation will realize that this is the most difficult type of cleaning. To wash the white dust out of the apartment by yourself is very difficult without the necessary preparations and a certain skill. Leave this cleaning to us and enjoy your business.


Our company Pansib Cleaner will gladly help you to ensure cleanliness and order in your home. Cleaning your own home takes a lot of energy and time, especially if it is a house with a large area.

That’s why we offer you to trust the experts and spend your precious time with pleasure, as you want it, while Pansib Cleaner cleans your house.
We also provide window washing and eco-cleaning services for sofas and upholstered furniture.

Cleaning costs for a home:

Number of square meters: Type of cleaning: Amount:
60 м2 Standard from 67.20 €
General from 202.82 €
80 м2 Standard from 84.00€
General from 253.53€
100 м2 Standard from 98.00€
General from 263.47€
140 м2 Standard from 127.40€
General from 302.83 €
175 м2 Standard from 159.25€
General from 378.54€
200 м2 Standard from 170.00€
General from 387.28€
250 м2 Standard from 200.00€
General from 423.00€
300 м2 Standard from 225.00€
General from 525.00 €
350 м2 Standard from 262.50€
General from 612.50€

Finished packages:

Number of square meters: Finished packages: Amount:
50 м2 Mini Cleaning from 98 €
Base Cleaning from 160 €
75 м2 Mini Cleaning from 115 €
Base Cleaning from 225 €
100 м2 Mini Cleaning from 130 €
Base Cleaning from 275€
140 м2 Mini Cleaning from 180 €
Base Cleaning from 350 €
200 м2 Mini Cleaning from 245 €
Base Cleaning from 490 €

The minimum cost of the visit is 50€.